Cowra Grenfell Meals On Wheels currently manages 240 Community and Corporate Volunteers (as part of the Corporate Volunteer Program). Volunteers are critical to the viability of the Service, providing the majority of resources in terms of staffing. Cowra Grenfell Meals On Wheels Volunteers are socially diverse with a wide range of life, academic and career skills that are vital to our sustainability. Volunteers increase the capacity of the Service and enable the service to deliver so much more than just a meal and social engagement.

Cowra Grenfell Meals On Wheels volunteers come from all walks of life, community members, school children, families, corporate volunteers which ensures a wonderful sense of community spirit, support and belonging. Volunteers have the capacity to deliver a cost efficient service and we have a program to recognise their valued support. 

Volunteering can be as little as 2 hours every three weeks, or as much as you like. We are flexible and all contributions are greatly valued. We enjoy our volunteers sharing their skills 

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Volunteer Roles

  • Meal Delivery (Driver/Deliverer for Hot/Frozen Meals)
  • Frozen Meal Assistant
  • Frozen Meal Van Driver (manual transmission)
  • Community Luncheon Helper
  • Marketing/Promotions
  • Shopper
  • Client Visits/Cooking Assistant (Meal heating assistance etc.)
  • Other Roles


There are a variety of projects volunteers can assist with, so come in and talk to us about how you can help.



We like our volunteers sharing their skills with the community. We look for people who are able to work as a team, able to chat with people and work with older people/young people with disabilities.


To Apply

We have a volunteer kit to be filled out. Volunteers require a police check and orientation. 

Ring to enquire or fill out our contact form


We are a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR).